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Andras Fiber

Hair fall and hair thinning are one of the most common problem faced by both men and women now a days. Even people in their early 30s, specifically saying 25 % of men below the age of 30 suffer from the problem of hair loss. Person who suffers from severe hair loss freaks out just at the moment they start facing it and it leads to lack of confidence in them. Mostly men tend to lose more hair than women, they are more likely to go bald that disturbs their faith in themselves to excel in every field of their life leading to under performance. So these people should opt for hair thickening/hair loss remedies to get a cure for their problem. Hair loss remedies range from the mild to the extreme and inexpensive to the costly. But before going for any method you should analyze its pros and cons and should adopt the method which is free from harsh chemicals and is completely natural.

What is Andras fiber!

Andras Fiber is a herbal hair thickening supplement composed of same keratin protein which our hairs are made of. This amazing protein completely hides the bald spot and thinning of hair and gives an instant volume to hair. According to their website, these microscopic fibers are cut with a precision laser, which allows them to mimic the look and texture of real hair, while blending in seamlessly with your natural hair. The particles stick to the scalp perfectly and doesn’t shed off even in rainy or windy weather. You can enjoy your volume of hair without any worry.

Main Causes Of Hair Fall.

The nutrients in our body flow through blood and reach the scalp for the hair to grow. But wrong lifestyle and unhealthy environmental conditions such as pollution, wind, sun rays are leading to hair fall and thinning of hair at an early age. You should understand few points that damages your hair badly-

  • Heat in any form is bad for our hair. So one should avoid using hot water bath, excessive use of hair dryer or hair straightening/curler.
  • Shampoo containing Sodium laurel sulphate is harmful for the hair.
  • Tying the hair tightly all the time puts lot of pressure on the roots of hair so let your hair open for some time.
  • People also shred hair during stressful events, such as childbirth, divorce, illness or during time of grief.
  • Heavy dieting or eating lots of junk food can stun hair follicles to cease growth. This occurs from insufficient protein, vitamin or mineral intake.
  •  If you are a passive smoker then you should realize its side effects that it has on the health of a person. It not only causes internal harm but also leads to premature aging such as wrinkles and greying of hair.
  • Too much exposure in the sun and pollution also leads to thinning of hair so one should protect their hair by covering them with a scarf when they have to remain outside for longer time.

So all the people suffering from the problem of hair loss should avoid these habits in their daily life to get voluminous hair so that they can get their confidence back.


Andras Fiber Works

How to Use Andras fiber!

It is very easy to use Andras Fiber as it sticks very easily on the scalp and with natural hairs. You just need to follow these simple steps

1) Firstly wash your hairs with a mild shampoo and always not to rub the hair harshly while applying the shampoo.
2) Then rinse it with lukewarm water. Water used for hair wash should not be too hot or too cold.
3) Use soft towel or cotton t-shirt to soak the water from hair. Remember not to rub your hair vigorously to soak the water from them as it leads to breakage of hair and split ends.
4) Also avoid combing wet hair.
5) Let your hair air dry, try not to use hair dryer very often.
6) Now take the Andras Fiber and gently shake it over your bald spots or wherever you want volume on your scalp. Try not to overuse the product.
7) Then gently pat the fiber with your hand so that fiber settles in your hair completely to give a natural look.


  • Not to be used by the people under 18 years of age.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Not to be used if the seal of packet is opened or broken, return the product immediately.
  • If already under the medication, first consult your skin doctor prior applying this.

Andras fiber Side Effects!

Andras Fiber is 100% natural hair thickening formula which gives instant result without causing any side effects. You can use this without any worry as it will solve the problem of baldness and thinning of hair which resist you from enjoying your life.

Where to Buy Andras fiber?

You can get your hands on this formula just by visiting the official site of Andras Fiber and you just need to follow simple steps to claim this product as it is not available at retail store. You have to visit the official site and fill in your complete details. Your product will be at your doorstep within 3-5 business days.

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